Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find some answers to common questions. Don't hesitate to email us if you can't find what you're after

How can I pay?

You can pay with PayPal or any Credit and Debit card

PayPal also lets you pay without an account and using your card

Two options: Paypal or Credit/Debit card can be chosen at checkout. You can see this at the bottom of the page once you reach the checkout stage

If you are unable to checkout with any of the payment options available, please send us an email. You can do this from the Contact Us page, using the form. Alternatively email us directly on: info@meaculpairons.com

Worldwide shipping

We offer a standard fee for Worldwide shipping

If different shipping costs apply, these will be added to the cart before checkout

How to Order

We do ship internationally

If you are unsure if we can deliver to a particular region, please contact us in advance

We cannot be responsible for customs or import taxes applied by your country upon receipt.

Mea Culpa Irons offers free shipping worldwide on tattoo machines or accessories bought with tattoo machines.

Accessories, due to small size, will have a flat fee.

All orders will be shipped vial Royal Mail – Signed for – from London, UK

This way we can guarantee that you will receive the order by signing for it upon delivery

We can ship via DHL or UPS or any other express courier but please get in touch beforehand to obtain prices before ordering.

This is an extra service and charges will apply

Tattoo machines are custom made and it may require extra time to get it the way we want.

If an order is likely to be delayed we will notify you in regards to when we expect an item to be dispatched

Alternatively, if not mentioned in advance on the product page, please contact us for availability before you place the order

If an item is available you can expect it to be dispatched within 3 working days

For deliveries in the UK please allow up to 7 working days

For deliveries in the EU please allow up to 10 working days

USA and rest of the world please allow 12 to 17 working days


We do our best to get your purchase to you the earliest possible but please bear in mind we are not responsible for delays from the shipping companies or any independent provider

Please use the contact form under – contact us – from the menu.

Alternatively, use this email: info@meaculpairons.com

Please include any relevant information such as Order number, delivery address or anything else you may find useful

Warranties, Returns & Refunds

We only accept returns if an item has a manufacturer’s defect or has been shipped not according to the specifications on the website upon purchase.

Any items damaged due to wrong or bad handling by the carriers should be reported to us. This is outside our responsability and needs to be addressed with the shipping company.

We do offer servicing and repairs to any machine sold by us.

Please contact us before sending anything back. Some problems could occur from cables, power supplies or any other external factor that is independent of the good health of the machine

To guarantee the authenticity of ownership, we require that any requests for servicing/repairs are accompained by a copy of the warranty (serial number) provided upon purchase

We do sell some parts separately which can be found under the – Accessories – section of our webshop

If you can’t see it on the website, feel free to contact us with any queries: info@meaculpairons.com

Troubleshooting and machine handling

Before contacting us in case of malfunction please check your machine is not the cause of the issue. You can do this by checking with another power supply and testing that power supply with another machine to see if the problem is somewhere else. Coils and capacitors do not burn out except under extreme stress or a short circuit. Please check other sources of the problem before tampering with the machine.
Avoid dropping the machine or transporting it without an appropriate case – a machine is made of several components and inappropriate handling can lead to a change in the alignment of these which in turn change the way the machine works.

Avoid cleaning with wet or abrasive liquids such as sprays and polishing materials. Remember this is an electrical circuit and should only be cleaned with a damp cloth with no abrasive products as it may also ruin the finish. Use machine protective bags to avoid ink spray and cross contamination

The contact screw can become dirty over time. This may be one of the causes of the machine not working properly. Please clean the contact point with light sandpaper to remove any impurities that make the circuit not work properly. Please bear in mind this may require an adjustment in the height of the contact screw. Please contact us for advice if you’re unsure.

The manufacturer can not be held responsible for bad handling resulting in breakage and changes in alignment of the parts. Any tampering with the tuning is of the responsibility of the owner

Avoid using connections to the mains on the power supply that may be unstable. Choose to use a surge protected circuit for your safety and of the power supply and machines. Please follow the recommended voltage to avoid damaging the machine.

No cables in the circuit should be exposed as this may lead to short circuiting. Make sure any connections are kept in good shape by not altering the arrangement or change of parts. Any light handling of the cables can cause breakage or damage in the sleeve of the wire. Please keep them in good shape.

Springs and contact screws can suffer deterioration over time. Replacements can be bought from our website or by contacting us directly with your request.

This machine is tuned for optimal performance and should be used under the manufacturers guidelines. It is a sensitive beast and needs to be handled with care. We understand that set ups may vary person to person. Before making any changes to this, please make sure you are aware of how the machine works
as this will change the way it behaves.

Contacts and returns

Mea Culpa Irons factory is based in London – UK

You can mail to:



Gypsy Stables Tattoo

37 Berwick St (entrance via D’Arblay St)




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