Mea Culpa – Backstabber – Heavy Liner, “Lil’ Bitch Red”


Mea Culpa – Backstabber – Heavy Liner, “Lil’ Bitch Red”

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Lil’ Bitch Red Heavy Liner

Unloaded 4.5v

Loaded 5.5v

Set to run at low voltages with a medium stroke. Offering quick and effective tattooing with minimal damage to the skin. A must have for bold and thick lining

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Quick and hard hitting

Tuned to push 11s and over

Custom Mea Culpa Irons frame

Hand wound 8 wrap coils

42uf Capacitor

Steel precision laser cut springs for best performance


Additional information

Weight 0.200 kg
Dimensions 6 × 3 × 6.5 cm

4 reviews for Mea Culpa – Backstabber – Heavy Liner, “Lil’ Bitch Red”

  1. Josh McAllister

    To be honest I bought this machine on a bit of a whim because my liner was falling apart, I thought it looked nice and I’d seen a couple of artists I really like recommending it

    I definitely got lucky with the choice though, the machine arrived today, the packaging and little extras included were very nice!

    spent 2 hours lining a large forearm piece using this with some Mithra 14RLs, I’ve never had a machhine put a solid 14 line in as easily as this one did, it also did a good job with a 7rl too, I think I’ll be using it as my main power liner for quite some time, couldn’t be happier!

    Also the customer service was spot on and very friendly 🙂

  2. Ruben Müller

    That’s some power there. Loved the packaging and the attention to detail. I can see the effort in putting these together
    Nice to see a machine builder doing he’s own thing. Not just buying china parts and adding a high price to it.
    One of the best for the price I can see out there.
    Yes I do recommend and I will use it for many years to come.
    Please have some extra springs and parts on the website in case something goes wrong

    • meaculpairons

      Thank you very much. Glad to see happy customers. We will be stocking some “rescue packs” for machines soon. We’ll add it to our shop as soon as there are more parts available. Keep an eye out and if you need anything just use the contact form from the website.

  3. Daniel Vans.tatts

    This machine is not a joke, unlike many around the market this one can slay any bold line like a bulldozer! Feels great on the first touch! If you searching for those crispy ass lines, you found the right machine.
    Dont forget to bring an extra pair of underwear before you try it.

  4. artbyneil

    Don’t sleep on these machines!! I got this exact one needing a back up for my bigger grouping liner and use it as my main squeeze. This ain’t no sponsored ad either. Over all the other machines I have made by some serious builders, I use this one first every time. Plus how they so good and be so cheap?! They out doing the tatt lords work🙏🏼

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